艺术作品集学院会议II -绘图


这是为高二学生开设的暑期强化课程, 初中, and seniors preparing portfolios for art school admissions and for those thinking about entering an art program.

2023年7月16日星期日- 7月21日星期五


这是为高二学生开设的暑期强化课程, 初中, and seniors preparing portfolios for art school admissions and for those thinking about entering an art program. The four and a half days will identify students' concepts and skills to work on to strengthen their portfolios.

Each day will include a morning session devoted to 画 and an afternoon session in which students convert 画s into a coll年龄 in preparation for a relief print. 每个学生将打印一个小版本的凸版印刷品. One of the 12" x 12" relief prints will be combined with all the other prints from the group into a larger print. 还将提供可选的晚间工作会议.

最后,学生将被指导如何记录他们的工作. 材料费为每位学生50美元.

课程费用为1080美元. 这包括100美元的不可退还押金. 这包括学费, 监督, 类材料, 娱乐活动, 食宿从第一天的晚餐到最后一天的午餐.


Each participant is responsible for transportation, incidentals and extra nights or meals. If, 出于某种原因, 参与者必须提前回家, 所有费用将由学生/家长支付.


Participants arrive between 2:00 and 4:00 PM on 周日 for registration and leave after lunch on 星期五. 周日注册后是迎新活动、晚宴和欢迎活动. 周一早上开始上课.

4:30 PM Welcome/Orientation, followed by dinner, a campus tour and evening activities


上午有一节课. 午餐后学习结束. 参加者须于下午二时前离开宿舍.

Alfred University 招生 interviews are available by appointment on 星期五 afternoon. 如需预约,请联系招生办公室 607-871-2115.


凯西Vajda, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Art in the 艺术学院 and 设计 at Alfred University, 这门课的主要老师是谁. Vajda教授 has a BFA in Printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art and MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University, 布卢明顿.

她在十大网赌平台教了20多年的扩展媒体, 基础制图和大二制图. Vajda教授 began her teaching experience teaching freshman 画 and has continued to work in this area throughout her career. 她曾两次获得优秀教学奖. 她的作品曾在美国和中国各地展出. Vajda教授最近的作品和展览清单可以在她那里看到 网站.

关于课程内容的问题可以直接到 Vajda教授.


这包括学费, 监督, 材料, 实得项目, 食宿从第一天的晚餐到最后一天的午餐, 以及娱乐活动.

Participants who wish to apply must submit the online registration form along with the following:

  • Provide a one-p年龄 essay telling us why you would like to attend this program (in your own words; sign the essay)


Refunds, less the $100 non-refundable deposit, will be made for cancellations received by June 15th. 50% refunds will be made for cancellations received from June 16th through 24th. 对不起,6月24日以后不能退款.

申请截止日期后, the Institute Director will review all completed applications and determine which participants are accepted. 接受/不接受通知将通过电子邮件提供. 如果你需要更早的决定, 请在你的申请表中注明这一点. 在篇幅允许的情况下,将考虑所有申请.

Once participants are accepted they will be reminded by email from CampDocs to complete the required documents (parental permissions to attend as well as health records) for the institute.  Updated immunization information (including dates) is also required at that time. (如果您手头没有最新的免疫信息, you may want to acquire this from your physician now to avoid processing delays.)

当参与者不在课堂时, 他们由我们优秀的顾问团队作为导师进行监督, 积极的榜样和朋友. 为了确保每个人都有安全, 健康和愉快的校园时光, 参加者须遵守大学的校规 暑期课程规则 & 规定.

When not in classes, participants have fun participating in 娱乐活动. 生活, 一起吃饭和学习, Participants have ample opportunity to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships. 示例活动包括:

  • 第一晚的破冰游戏帮助大家互相了解
  • 内文斯剧院的电影
  • 户外游戏如“夺旗”及“极限飞盘”
  • Indoor games such as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," ping pong, board games, basketball, etc.
  • 在骑士俱乐部有茶点和音乐的社交聚会
  • 在当地的咖啡馆放松和社交
  • 最后一晚的告别派对

Participants stay in secure University residence halls dedicated to summer institutes (2 per room) and must bring their own pillows and blankets. 酒店将提供床上/浴室用品, but they can also bring their own (bed linens must fit the extra-long twin residence hall beds). 洗衣设施免费提供. 男性和女性住在不同的楼层. 我们的辅导员会一直在学生宿舍.

Delicious, all-you-can-eat, cafeteria-style meals are served in the campus dining hall. Our 餐厅 Services chefs do an excellent job in accommodating participants with food allergies and other special requirements.

居住在当地并希望以通勤者身份参加的参与者可以这样做. The commuter rate, which includes tuition, program 材料 and lunch is $790 (deposit: $100). Participants who wish to commute must check in at registration on 周日 and arrive on campus by 8:45 AM for classes Monday-星期五. They must be picked up no later than 5:00 PM Monday-Thursday unless they will be participating in evening activities (please make arrangements with the 夏天 项目 Coordinator for pick-up times). 学院最后一天(星期五)领取时间为下午1:00. 请务必在申请表上勾选“通勤者”一栏.


Alfred University is located in the peaceful vill年龄 of Alfred in Western New York State, 哪里夏天白天温暖,夜晚凉爽舒适. 四周环绕着连绵起伏的丘陵、美丽的草地和山谷, Alfred University is the perfect place to spend an enjoyable week learning more about your favorite subject and meeting other students who share your passion for astronomy!

校园, 距离纽约6小时车程, 离布法罗2小时,离罗切斯特11 /4小时, is easily accessible by car or bus from all directions and is located just five miles south of Interstate 86. The nearest major airport is the Rochester International Airport (about 65 miles north). Transportation to and from that airport can be provided for an additional charge if we receive your request by the date indicated in your acceptance notification. After that date students must make their own arrangements with an airport limo service.

The University may cancel any course or activity at any time because of insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. 如果一个节目被取消或推迟, 大学将退还注册费, 但不能承担其他费用, 指控, 或费用, 包括航空公司或旅行社评估的取消/更改费用.

无论是考虑录取候选人还是经济援助, applicants for employment or the man年龄ment of its policies and school-administered programs, 十大网赌平台没有性别歧视, 性取向, 年龄, 比赛, color, 国家或民族出身, 宗教, 或残疾. 十大网赌平台是一个平权行动,机会均等的雇主.